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Existentialism v.s Post Structuralism. Friend or Foe?

Recently, I found myself engaged in a drunken disagreement; the topic: Existentialism and Post Structuralism/Determinism.

Now let me first clarify—we were nice and drunk, and neither person was very good at expressing himself (Personally I found that drunken struggle to convey meaning almost comically exaggerating the very argument at the heart of Post Structuralism). However, an almost unsettling inability to convince my partner in this discussion somehow led to me feel unconvinced in my own understanding of the subject matter.

It would probably be helpful to mention that my friend is both a philosophy major and a straight up militant anarchist. I think it is the latter attribute that gave him superior conviction, but at the same time, looking back on it, it makes it easier to write off his opinion. However, for a moment, lets consider something he pointed out as if it were true.

While the anarchist shot down Derrida, guffawed at Foucault, and wouldn’t even even consider Sartre a name worth knowing, it wasn’t his equal disdain for Post Structuralism or Existentialism that was disturbing. It was that he couldn’t possibly fathom how the two might be in cahoots. This is actually something I keep reading and hearing: Existentialism and Post Structuralism can NOT co-exist; somehow one negates the other.

however there is a paradoxical nature to this relationship, and I only notice it in the details.

More later tho, too tired to keep writing.



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You know, I used to check this every day to see if you had posted something. I was nursing this stupid fantasy that maybe one day we’d end up together or something.

I don’t check it so much now. I dont have to any more. I guess it wasn’t so stupid after all.




Guess who got the tumblr app?



Old Lady English

  • Sean Walsh: english can be a jealous language
  • Sean Walsh: it needs its litting hands in everything
  • Sean Walsh: like my brain
  • NocensLupus27: i like to think the english language is one of those upper crust dames who marries for status and knows there's no real love in her marriage. and she puts up with a lot as a result. the little dalliances (adopting words from other languages, slang). but she starts getting older and her brat children (leetspeak, lolcats speak) are nothing but a burden and her husband isn't there anymore. so she takes to drinking
  • NocensLupus27: just martini after martini
  • NocensLupus27: and she gets bitter and she flirts with the pool boy (british english), who shuns her overly botoxed ass
  • NocensLupus27: and finally she just snaps one day when she catches her husband with his hand on Cyrillic's ass
  • NocensLupus27: and she goes on a murderous rampage
  • NocensLupus27: and just butchers everything
  • NocensLupus27: and leaves their bodies to rot on the internet, floating in the forums, bits and pieces of language and words. snippets that don't make sense
  • NocensLupus27: like badly translated subtitles
  • Sean Walsh: ...
  • Sean Walsh: this
  • Sean Walsh: was the most beautiful thing ive ever read
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Rock N’ Roll Metro

I kind of want this on a poster.

Cool concept, but I disagree with the placements of a lot of it. Chiefly, Death Cab doesn’t belong on the punk line.




Rock N’ Roll Metro

I kind of want this on a poster.

Cool concept, but I disagree with the placements of a lot of it. Chiefly, Death Cab doesn’t belong on the punk line.

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When do you feel the most at home and feel like yourself?

Hanging out in my apt, alone, with music blasting through the place, tea or coffee simmering on the stove, sitting on my couch surrounded by a nest of books and papers and diet coke; armed with a laptop and a few hours of free time.

Probe your deepest

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2 part question: Going back through the storied history of the world, what do you think is the greatest single human act of all time? Part 2: same as above, only this time involving squirrels?

The greatest single human act of all time is Rufio’s death sequence in Hook. It was so powerful that it blew peter pan back with a gust of spontaneously generated wind.


Part 2

Squirrels taught George Washington Carver how to make Peanut butter. This isn’t all that extraordinary, however, it did allow for the creation of one of my favorite scenes in lost:


Probe your deepest

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Are you a man of your word?

I try to be, everyday.

Sometimes a little artifice can go a long way, and sometimes it is better for everyone that way.

But when push comes to shove, I do my best to always do what I say I will

(hence a minor issue with ever fully committing to some things…)

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Who is the king of the hipsters?

No one knows his name. He’s that guy at the back of every small show two years before you knew about the band you like so much.

He can’t stand anything ‘bigbox’ so instead makes* all his own clothing and accessories.

His references are so obscure that the only people who would get them are the artists and authors referenced, and even then they’d be hard pressed.

He cares about Africa, his t-shirt clearly demonstrates this fact.

He’s vegan, because vegetarians are just so main stream.

He can turn water into PBR and multiply cups of organic coffee.

He wears a lock of J.D. Salinger’s hair as an anklet.

He has been to Iceland and spent a week with bjork and the guys from Sigur Rós in 1992.

He owns a Mac. He owns Raybans. He owns a pair of converse. He owns vinyl records and only vinyl because of their “superior sound quality”

He is Irony incarnate.

*buys online from websites you are just not cool enough to know about**


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Idea Chicks

  • ClueDragon15: have you any idea how a raven is like a writing desk?
  • Sean Walsh: ???
  • Sean Walsh: a raven?
  • Sean Walsh: like a bird?
  • ClueDragon15: yes
  • ClueDragon15: i've been trying to figure it out all day long
  • ClueDragon15: i don't think there's an answer
  • Sean Walsh: i guess if it were an enouous raven i could fly it and conduct my writing upon is massive back amoungst the solitude of the sky
  • Sean Walsh: or
  • Sean Walsh: u can tear that shitty poe poem out of his book and creat a nest about you with the crumple pages from which you will feel secure like mother bird until your brain eggs hatch and your idea chicks fly
  • ClueDragon15: i like the last option
  • ClueDragon15: i think we'll go with that one
  • ClueDragon15: it makes the least amount of sense, which is the best kind of answer for a nonsensical question
  • ClueDragon15: the only concrete answer i could think up applied to all birds...it references the raven specifically
  • ClueDragon15: i also like "idea chicks"
  • ClueDragon15: though, the image is making me slight queezy
  • Sean Walsh: hahah
  • Sean Walsh: i imagine an athena-esque situation
  • Sean Walsh: only with little birds
  • Sean Walsh: and the bad ideas cant fly
  • Sean Walsh: so they just fall out of ur head and on to the ground
  • Sean Walsh: where they try to recover their little broken idea bird bodies
  • Sean Walsh: but its useless
  • Sean Walsh: and they die
  • ClueDragon15: i'm just flashing back to an episode of Untold Stories of the ER
  • ClueDragon15: where a woman had two little holes in her scalp and little black worms were ClueDragon15: poking through the holes
  • ClueDragon15: so, my image is of chicks coming out of little holes in your scalp
  • ClueDragon15: and flying away with brain goop on them
  • ClueDragon15: and then you have a nest resting on your brain where the baby birds were hatched
  • ClueDragon15: and you are forever brain damaged
  • ClueDragon15: the end
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